Exact Remote and Key 2003


If you own a Mazda please take my advice and always have a backup Mazda key.
If you lose your Mazda key just like other car makes it will take a long time and cost quite a bit of money to get a Mazda key replaced.
A Mazda key has a Temic crypto chip or a Texas crypto immobilizer chip in the key head.

This chip makes it near impossible for
your car to be hotwired or driven without the specific Mazda key present that is programmed uniquely for your vehicle.
I will eventually publish a page on the history of transponders and why transponder chips are put in vehicle key heads.
Exact Key Service can cut and program most Mazda keys for a price of from $173 plus GST cut and programmed from your original Mazda key.

Mazda models
Mazda Attenza key copy
Mazda 2 key copied
Mazda 3 key duplicate
Mazda 6 keys cut
Mazda Demio keys copied
Mazda RX 8 key duplication
Mazda 121 keys cut
Mazda MX 5 key duplicate
Mazda Xedos 9 spare key cut
Mazda remote key replacement
I cut classic mazda keys too